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Our Frederick, Maryland, office is the main office of the Law Offices of Stephen A. Glessner. If you are in the area of Frederick, Maryland, and would like to speak with a lawyer, we can accommodate you! Our lawyer, Stephen A. Glessner, will give you a free consultation for your divorce, custody, personal injury, or bankruptcy case. You can call or visit our office at: (301) 663-8200.

Frederick Office:
226 East Patrick St
Frederick, MD

Divorce Lawyer in Frederick, Maryland

When you need an experienced divorce lawyer who serves clients in and around the Frederick, Maryland vicinity, contact the Law Office of Stephen A. Glessner. Our experienced attorneys offer some of the best advice on how to proceed with divorce cases in the state of Maryland. We serve the northern areas of the state, with three convenient offices.

Personal Injury Attorney You Can Trust in Frederick, MD

For a frustrating case of suing or negotiating insurance in a personal injury case, you need an attorney you can trust. Our attorneys are prepared to help you through the difficult process of a personal injury case in Frederick, Maryland. Call the Law Offices of Stephen A. Glessner in Frederick, MD, for your free consultation.

Bankruptcy Court Filing in Frederick, Maryland

The Law Offices of Stephen A. Glessner are experts when it comes to filing for bankruptcy in Frederick, Maryland. If you plan on filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, call our professional team for assistance.